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Jarory de Jesus

Code Snippets by Jarory

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Fenced AI State Example

I needed a dynamic AI system that could detect the player and make important decisions. Using a state machine, Unity's event system, and some basic pathfinding, I was able to create a set of scripts that allows the AI state manager to call a During() function that varies by state. Each state also has a TransitionTo() function which tells the state manager to enter this new state, dropping the other one. 

MasterHero Power Up Interface

This code was used in the game MasterHero to create a dynamic power up system. Since players could drag and drop their powers around in various slots mapped to different number keys, I had to have each number key use powers on key down agnostic of the power in the slot. I used an interface to accomplish this. 

Power-Up Interface in C++

I wanted to draw off my interface experience with power ups before. C++ does not have support for interfaces, but Unreal does have a solution for that. Here is my implementation of that. I did not write any of the power ups themselves, just the architecture for using them. I may write a power up in the future as this project is on going. 

Beat Detection

For this assignment I had to create a rhythm game. Using a BPM analyzer and some help from Gamasutra I was able to create an algorithm that could allow the player to fire but only on the down beat.

Swap Function

For Project Imp our core mechanic revolves around swapping positions with clones of yourself that you can spawn around the world. Swapping positions with an enemy in the middle allows you to steal some of their power. This is the base of that system that I designed.