Jarory de Jesus
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About Me

About Jarory

Jarory is a Game Developer and entrepenur based in Orlando, FL. Jarory earned his BA in anthropology with a minor in creative writing from the University of South Florida. Jarory attended SUNY Binghamton for his Master's/PH.d program in Biomedical Anthropology. Midway through his program Jarory realized that the petty politics of upper academia was a toxic environment and pivoted his career. Having always been fascinated with technology, Jarory began teaching himself to code using free online resource in an attempt to build his own company. When his first start up, Questly, failed, Jarory returned to Tampa to begin anew as a career web developer. He has worked as a QA Automation Engineer for Electronic Data Inc. Following that Jarory spent time at Connectwise working as a ReactJS developer. Jarory has an avid interest in AR/VR technologies, game design, and Artificial intelligence. Those passions have lead him to the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy at the University of Central Florida where he currently studies as a technical game designer.  In his spare time he likes to write, play music, and perform improv